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Sencha with Matcha

$16 $ 20.00

This is one of our most flavorful and health promoting teas. Each package comes with:

  • 100 grams of tea
  • Brewing instructions and tasting notes
  • Note card with space for notes/reviews

Our Take:

If you are looking for the greenest of green teas, this is your tea! The deep jade color of matcha and intoxicating spring aroma of sencha combine for the perfect essence of spring freshness. List price on this tea is often more than $30 / 100g, but we get our tea direct from source in Uji, Japan, so now you can afford to have your own Japanese tea ceremony every morning!

Enjoy the combination of aromatic first flush sencha and shade grown matcha green tea powder blended by hand in Uji, Japan’s most revered tea growing region. For maximum freshness and flavor, our Sencha with Matcha was vacuum sealed and air shipped right to our warehouse.

Note: This tea contains caffeine

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