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English Breakfast

$8 $ 10.00

The perfect tea right out of bed or for an afternoon pick me up. Each package comes with:

  • 100 grams of tea
  • Brewing instructions and tasting notes
  • Note card with space for notes/reviews

Our Take:

Our English Breakfast tea is a rich, luxurious cup with a malty, honey-like sweetness. Sturdy enough to take a spot of milk or be enjoyed on its own, it always brews up big and bold without becoming bitter. Our full leaf English Breakfast is a superior tea with a price that makes it an affordable luxury. It’s our go-to morning cuppa!

This beautiful breakfast tea hails from Assam in the North of India. Assam is regarded as the premier region for deep malty style teas. Our arrangement with the producer gave us immediate access to this year’s fresh crop. Note how the tea is aromatic and full bodied without becoming bitter, a sure sign of its impressive pedigree.

Note: This tea contains caffeine

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