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Jasmine Pearls


A delicate, distinct, sweet, floral tea that will bring hours of enjoyment. This package comes with:

  • 100 grams of tea
  • Brewing instructions and tasting notes
  • Note card with space for notes/reviews

Our Take:

This is Jasmine Pearl of the highest quality: gently picked, hand rolled, then meticulously dried with layers of fresh jasmine flower petals. Handmade teas are becoming a rarefied thing. The cost and work can seem daunting to a producer, but we have found that teas made by hand with care, simply taste better. The hand rolled pearls will unfurl over multiple infusions giving you several aromatic and flavor filled cups of tea. Take your time and enjoy the distinct flavors of each brew.

High-end Jasmine Pearls like this one are usually well over $30 shipped, but we’re using the buying power of our community to get you a price that can’t be beat. Artificial jasmine flavor can be cheaper, but the flavors and aromas are gone after the first steep. Handcrafted with true jasmine essence, our Jasmine Pearls will keep delivering steep after steep!

Note: This tea contains caffeine

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