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Earl Grey


An exemplary version of a classic that belongs in any tea drinker's cupboard. Each package comes with:

  • 100 grams of tea
  • Brewing instructions and tasting notes
  • Note card with space for notes/reviews

Our Take:

When it comes to a classic, details matter. We insisted the quality of the tea in our Earl Grey exceed that of other teas on the market. So we went looking for something rare - an Earl Grey with a full leaf single estate black tea that was blended with true bergamot oil - no artificial additives or binders.

The tea we’ve found is better than we had hoped. The coppery sweet brew mingles with an invigorating citrus bouquet. Similar handcrafted Earl Greys often price at $18 - $20 shipped - try ours and you’ll wonder why anyone would spend the extra dollars.

Our Earl Grey is like a familiar friend, so sit back, relax, and enjoy its company. We are proud to offer you this classic tea done right.

Note: This tea contains caffeine

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